In the Media

 Using this software, TFiA has been very highly rated by Dr Dean A Handley, one of the USA’s leading specialists and commentators on futures market trading. In his search to find truthful, transparent and profitable rooms, out of an estimated 1044 trading rooms, Dr Handley identified TFiA to be in the top 12.

He states “I find TFiA to be the most accomplished Trade Titans and the most diverse trading environments.”

He further states that:

  • They post a track record of number of trades, contract and final P&L.
  • They net greater than $50,000 per year on a 3 contract/trade.
  • They show all their trades in real time.
  • The head traders are patient and courteous.
  • They trade in multiple indices.
  • They provide mentorship and an education programme.
  • Free trials are provided.
  • They offer managed account trading.

The above glowing praise would not have been possible without the use of TFiA Order Flow Matrix and the TFiA Indicators they use to make their trades.