The Benefits of Our Products.
TFiA has Two Key Unique Software aids.

  • TFiA Order Flow Matrix.
  • TFiA Indicator Action.

Together, these two bundles of in-house, unique software make TFiA’s trading room one of the most successful in the market.

Here is a list of some of the advantages traders will enjoy:

  • TFiA Indicators is the best software available to enable traders to make consistent profits. Provided traders are not too greedy, they will be able to trade order flow futures for small but consistent profits.
  • TFiA Order Flow Matrix software enables traders to avoid traps set by institutional traders who regularly attempt to flush the retailers out from the action.
  • They can trade more safely with a retail account.
  • They can trade with the institutions, rather than against them.
  • They can stay in trades longer.
  • They can extract the maximum profit possible from trades.
  • They can stay with the direction of the market on scalp trades.
  • They can put stops in strategic places.
  • They can see a true reflection of the risk before placing a trade, so they can step aside if the risk is too great.