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Learn a better way of trading with


“The latest and most sophisticated indicator software in the market.”

  • Find great trade locations.
  • Make better trade decisions in real time.
  • Level the information field between institutions and retail traders.

With TFiA Order Flow Matrix and TFiA Indicators you can access a huge amount of trading data that will enable you to refine your entries and exits.

TFiA’s Indicators are sub-divided into three sections:

Section 1 – Support/Resistance Indicators

  • TFiA Profile Indicators
  • TFiA Extreme Lines

Section 2 – Breakout Indicators

  • TFiA Action
  • TFiA Time


Section 3 – Trend Following – Stop Management Indicators

  • TFiA Scalper
  • TFiA Trail


TFiA Indicators will give you a great trading advantage.

  • TFiA Scalper – See the markets trends easily.
  • TFiA Extreme Lines – Find support and resistant levels with greater accuracy.
  • TFiA Action – Access the market when there is enough volatility to trade.